C.G. Bonehill .577 Double Rifle


C.G. Bonehill .577, 3″, 26″ chopperlump barrels, one standing three folding gold line express sights on a quarter rib, proofed for the 100 gr. cordite 750 bullet.  Double triggers, auto ejectors.  This is the real stopper, genuine article! Original heavy proof.  Built on the Webley long bar, bushed pins, screw grip doll’s head.  The Rock of Gibraltar! Finely scroll engraved, with the “C.G. Bonehill” name in gold.  The rifle retains about 98% of what appears to be an older refresh.  Chambers are perfect, bores very good +, with fine sharp rifling right up to the chambers.  Tight on the face.  Beautifully grained French walnut, straight through the head, fits perfectly – no gaps – no cracks, just perfect.  A really rare pre-war ejector, in one of most of the most fabled calibers.  A true .577 weighing exactly 14 lbs., they way they ought to be!  15″ LOP over a leather pad.  This is the one you want when things get ugly!  Cased in canvas trunk case with brass corners.