JJ Langley 10 Bore Hammergun


JJ Langley 10 Bore Hammergun, 30″ nitro proofed barrels choked open improved cylinder and modified (005/027)  850 BAR 2-5/8″ chambers.   Round bar back action, the locks feature rebounding hammers. Nicely engraved in fine English scroll.  Double triggers, extractors.  Well-figured stock measures 1-1/2″ comb,  2-1/4″ heel, 14-3/4″ LOP over a solid pad with slight cast off.  The wood fit is excellent.   Appears to have gone through recent English renovation and reproof.  Tight and on face. Langley was first listed in London 1880 and other subsequent locations thereafter.  Weighs 7 1/4 pounds.  Antique. SOLD

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