Kimber African Model 89 Cal. 416 Rigby


Kimber African Model 89 Cal. 416 Rigby, 24″ barrel features quarter rib, 1 standing 1 folding express sights.  Hooded front with flip up moon.  Low glare matt finish metal work throughout is 100%.  An impressive rifle finished to hand-built custom standards, this is a premier Kimber product and it really shows.  Limited production with the magnum-length action, Mauser-style claw extractor and a 4 shot deep belly magazine makes this a top tier dangerous game rifle.  Fitted with a Redfield 1 to 4 variable scope on hand detachable mounts.  Ebony for-end and trap grip cap detail the classic profile along with the wonderful oval cheek piece.  The stock has straight grain through the grip and a pleasing flourish of contrasting color and figure in the butt measuring 14″.  Weighs 9lbs, 10 oz.  Wood is 99%,  just the most minor rub on the stock.  Most probably a veteran of numerous armchair safaris, the rifle appears about new unfired.

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