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Francotte 28 ga. Model 14


Francotte 28 ga. Model 14, 26″ barrels choked improved cylinder and modified (.005/.014).  Barrels marked with importer Von Lengerke & Detmold (VL&D) New York address.  Matted top rib and Greener crossbolt.  Extractors, auto safe.  Finely engraved action retains a pleasing patina incorporating the ever-reliable Miller single trigger.  Nicely restocked with splinter forend, Prince of Wales grip shows fabulous flame-grain figure throughout and measures 1-3/8″ comb, 2-3/8″ heel, 14-1/2″ LOP over the rear position single trigger.  Weighing just 5 lbs, 6 oz., makes this a truly fast handling upland double.

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