Vintage John Rigby .416


Vintage John Rigby .416 Big Game. 24″barrel features a wide quarter rib. Express sights one standing two folding graduated 100/200/300 yards. Hand built back when Rigby was still a small company. Barrel address “John Rigby & Co. 13 Pall Mall London SW1”. The pre war original Oberndorf Mauser action is the heart of this rifle.  Stocked with nicely figured French walnut of contrasting color and grain. The rifle comes up nicely for that “right on the sights” picture for that quick shot when it counts. Weighs 9 lbs, 7 oz with a 13-3/4″ pull over a silvers pad. A tried and true veteran remains in outstanding condition with a perfect bore. Ready for the next adventure. SOLD

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