Brand new! Westley Richard .450/.400 3″


Just landed!  Brand new Westley Richards .450/.400, 3″ , best quality detachable droplock double rifle.  24″  barrels regulated for the 400 grain bullet feature a quarter rib, one standing and two folding express sights, flipover hood front sight.  The toplever utilizes the traditional Westley doll’s head sliding bolt.  Hinged floorplate allows access to the renowned Westley detachable locks.  Completely engraved in classic English scroll with “Westley Richards” in a banner and finished with a fabulous rainbow of case color hardening.  This rifle is fitted with double triggers and automatic ejectors.  Buffalo horn tip splinter forend.  Pistol grip stock with trap grip cap features a pre-war style kidney cheekpiece.  The stock of rock hard, highly figured walnut with rich black figure and extraordinary contrasting fiddleback,  measures 14-3/4″ over a solid red Silvers pad.   This rifle was ordered to replicate the fast handling characteristics of a bygone era and weighs just 9 lbs, 7 oz.  Extraordinary fit and finish and attention to detail, Westley Richards is among the best of the best.  Complete with factory supplied airline travel case and original shipping crate.  Today’s replacement over $100K + 2 year wait.

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